The best PlayStation 2 video games

Darkness of the Colossus

The greatest game, a masterpiece of all time as well as individuals, which becomes even more beautiful with time. The gameplay consists solely of battles with managers, which, nonetheless, have yet to be situated somehow in the fairly vast expanses of the gaming globe. . The battles themselves are real puzzles with platforming, racing and vulnerabilities. The measurements of some bosses are really colossal, just as you have to climb them for a long time and also meticulously to plant the sword in the Achilles’. ‘ heel. Besides besides, the game has a haunting atmosphere of a doomed globe, and the captivating music will stay with you. ever in your memory.

Shin Megami Tensei: Character 3

Board game fantastic with many unique gameplay elements. In addition to classic JRPG battles with beasts and bosses, in character 3 the player will have to participate in; the institution, passing tests and figuring out exactly how to invest your free time in the evening – all this will have an impact on the characteristics of the character. Here is the initial system of cards with mobilized creatures that can be crossed and therefore obtain new creatures. Persona 4 was also released on the PlayStation 2, which turned out to be even better than its predecessor. However, Personality 3 has a considerable advantage over Part Four: Devoted fans actually got it right? to Russian. Retro ps2 emulator games allows players to play at any time. old arcade games everywhere they go, without having to carry a real game console with them.

Silent Hill 2

Creepy Dark, considered among the best agents in the perpetuity category. The plot here is a true masterpiece, as well as the aesthetic part with a darkened town and a bunch of horrible monsters is impressive to see. this day. Silent Hillside 2 is a timeless standard that every fan of survival horror (and not only) should touch. Yes, and in the game there is up to six significantly different endings, which depend on the personality’s activities; throughout the stream.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Flawless stealth action from Hideo Kojima, the owner of the Steel Gear collection. The occasions will send the player to the Cold War, and the activity itself will take place in thick forests, including all kinds of threats. The gameplay is really varied; : invisible moves, survival, fights with regular opponents, unforgettable manager fights, and also, of course, an effective, coupled tale. to cinematic cutscenes. Serpent Eater was actually qualified Best PlayStation 2 game of 2004 by numerous magazines.

God of Battle II

The 2nd part of the adventures of the indefatigable Kratos is not without reason considered as one of the most effective and also of the most beautiful loans of the PlayStation 2. This slasher does not than extracting all the graphics juice from the console. And in addition to an excellent picture, the video game offers adrenaline-filled gameplay and also a whole number of battles with many managers from ancient Greek mythology.

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